Soar: Revisited

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Back in October I made a post about the book, Soar,  by Joan Bauer. I hadn't thought much about the book until Wesley came home with it the other day. We were talking about it again, and I was reminded of what a great and powerful book it is. Thinking about this book also took me back to what we were doing while we listened to it. I can remember exactly where we were when the conversation below occurred (we were on the highway, driving home from Augusta). I can feel how happy I was to be with my kids after they were away for the night, and how great it was to have this love of sharing stories with them (or at that moment, just Wesley!). I can still hear Esther in the back seat wishing it was over, and Wesley and I trying to shush her and say it almost was. 

Books have power. When we read them, they become a part of us, a part of our memories, and a part of our being- much like music. Sharing them with those you love is special. It gives you something to connect over. Our family has had so many wonderful conversations based on the books we have read (or listened to- we are huge audiobook lovers). Parents, I would strongly encourage you to take time to share great stories with your kids. Not only will you be connecting with them, but you will be weaving a remarkable richness into their memories forever. 

Below is the original post: 

Joan Bauer (from October 15, 2017)
"Mom, are you crying?"
"You are just waayyy too emotional."
"Doesn't this book make you feel so happy? I just love how....(I don't want to give any spoilers!)"

This was the conversation between Wesley and I on the ride home yesterday. We were listening to Soar by Joan Bauer in the car. Clearly I thought the story was powerful. Jeremiah is a character that made you want to root for him. He faced some pretty big challenges in his young life (from being abandoned as a baby, to needing a heart transplant), but continued to look at the bright side. When he couldn't play his beloved baseball, he found ways for it to be a part of his life. He sees the best in everything and everyone. Jeremiah lifts up people that others may ignore or dismiss. His shining impact is wide spread. I could talk all day about why I loved him and this book!

For those of you who haven't heard of this book, it is one of the Maine Student Book Award titles this year. Wesley and I borrowed and downloaded from CloudLibrary (which is through the Topsham Public Library). It is also in our own BCS library in book form. I would recommend it for anyone, you do not have to be a baseball lover to appreciate it!


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