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It's Snow Joke!

Our first book review is by Maddie N., a fabulous third grader who has done loads of reading this summer!

It’s Snow Joke! by Nancy Krulik

One snowy day at school, Katie asks her friends if they would like to go skiing. Her friends, Jeremy and Suzanne said they’d love to go! But…they didn’t know how to ski!!! So they decided to take a ski lesson. Everything seemed to be going well. Katie and her friends were actually skiing! But then, Katie turns into her ski instructor!!! Read It’s Snow Joke! to find out what crazy things happen next!

I really enjoyed this book because I love to ski. I also love Katie Kazoo books because Nancy Krulik is an amazing author. She gives a lot of detail about the setting, and her characters are very funny and interesting. She also puts facts/jokes and recipes in the back of the book!!! I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun chapter book.

Thank you, Maddie for this recommendation! If you have a book you want to share- please let me know~ Ha…

Summer Review

As summer is winding down, so is all of our extra time for reading. While the Hart family has had a pretty active summer, with many trips to the beach and camp, we have also done a lot of reading. For me personally, summer is a time to read all of the adult books that I may not have time to read during the school year. This summer, I participated in the Topsham Public Library's Adult Summer Reading Program, and have read or listened to 28 books so far~ and I hope to finish at least two more before school starts! Both of the Hart kids (Wesley and Esther) also participated in the TPL reading program, and they rocked it! Wesley has discovered a love for Diary of a Wimpy Kid (see him reading it at camp one morning), and Esther has rediscovered the classic book, The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss.  She will read it over and over, using a mean voice for that pesky older brother (hmmm... I wonder who she is imitating).

While I've focused mostly on books for adults, I did read some great …