Geronimo Stilton

This week we have a new guest blogger- Wesley (my son 👦). He has been really into the Geronimo Stilton series, in fact, we went to the Topsham Public Library book sale this weekend and he scored a whole stack of them!

Here is his review of the Geronimo Stilton:

Geronimo Stilton Series
By Wesley Hart

Geronimo Stilton is the best book series ever. Geronimo is a mouse with a sister named Thea, a cousin named Trap, and a grandfather named William Shortpaws, aka Cheap Man Willy. Now that you know the characters, read why these books are so wonderful.

The first reason why Geronimo Stilton is the best book ever is because they are mysteries or adventure. I mean who doesn't like a book with those in them? In Mystery of Cacklefur Castle, Geronimo gets dragged there and he keeps meeting people and everything is a mystery.

The second reason why Geronimo Stilton is the best book series ever is because they have  a lot of characters and it is fun to read about them. My favorite character is Geronimo because he is a scaredy mouse. His cousins always say funny things to him like, “Don’t be such a scaredy mouse, Gerry Berry.”

The last reason why Geronimo books are the best is because Geronimo writes them, then reads them to us.  The books we read, are the books he writes!

I know I love these books so why don't you so go read a Geronimo Stilton book today?!


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