Amulet Series

It's been a long time since I've had a blog entry, but that doesn't mean that my BCS friends haven't been reading! Today we have a review of the Amulet series which has been a big hit among the fourth and fifth grades. Take a look and let me know what you think!

 Amulet Series
By:Wesley Charles Hart
Have you seen the Amulet (By Kazu Kibuishi) books? If you haven't you should! There are seven books. You can read them all. Book 8 is coming out in September. I have three reason why Amulet books are the best!

Reason one that Amulet is the best book ever is because you can get hooked on the first three pages and by the end you will be impatient to get the next book.

The second reason is that you get to meet lots of different characters and different machines too. It is a great series.

Finally, it’s almost the same as Star Wars; cool machines, walking robot houses, giant robots fighting people, spaceships, and best of all amulets and elves (the ones that follow the elf kings are bad).

I hope you try the Amulet series!


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