Ready Freddy and the Gingerbread Jitters

Ready Freddy is always a favorite series! Today, Averi G. in 3L is going to review, Ready Freddy and the Gingerbread Jitters by Abby Klein. This is a perfect book as Christmas approaches!

Ready Freddy and the Gingerbread Jitters
by Abby Klein

I like this book because I like gingerbread houses. In it, Freddy took some shaving cream and was making a Santa beard. Then Freddy climbs a tree and breaks his arm. At school he makes gingerbread houses. I recommend this book to people who like Ready Freddy. One thing I don't like are the Freddy's Fun Pages because they make the book longer and my mom makes me read them. 

Averi, thank you for sharing this book with our readers! I know many of them enjoy our friend, Freddy. 


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